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Cyndi's List - Immigration & Naturalization
Emigration & Immigration Records and Links: Including Passenger Lists and Naturalization Records
Form G-639 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request
Naturalization Records in the United Sates and Canada
Naturalization Records: Introduction and Links to Resources (United States national Archives)
Online Searchable New York Naturalization Records and Indexes
Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Immigration and Naturalization
Types of Naturalization records and How to Find Them: Summary for Genealogy Researchers.
** Compiled by Bryan L. Mulcahy, Reference Librarian, Fort Myers - Lee County Library 4/9/2008.

Lee County Library Keene,New Hampshire Public Library
Cyndi's List-
Immigration & Naturalization
The Historical Society of Cheshire County (HSCC)
(New Hampshire)
Cyndi's List Cheshire County Probate Court
New Hampshire)
Roots Web New Hampshire Deeds
Family Search
U.S. Gen Web
Vital Records Information
NEW Find A Grave
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The Keene Public Library has vital records on line for Keene; births 1753-1878, deaths 1742-1881 & 1887-1941. There are gaps here and you might find more information in the city and town eports. The City of Keene stopped including the vital records in their reports about 1941. the towns on the other hand are still providing vital records in their town reports.
The Historical Society of Cheshire County (HSCC) has an excellent compilation of all Cheshire County Vital Records that are in the town reports right uo to 2003.